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[10holes] Hydroponic DIY Set Home Apartment Balcony Farm & Greenhouse Garden System Urban Farming NFT Soiless Set
Price RM250.00
Product SKU K03MH-MHS
Brand Windmill
Points Needed 250000
Availability 1

10holes hydroponic set is a simple and easy to install hydroponics system which includes
- 10 plants capacity
- Nutrient tank
- Nutrient pump
- 47mm net pots x 10pcs
- 1bag of LECA
- 1X Telfon Tape
(Square Hygrow Pot, PVC Glue and Vegetable Seed are NOT included)

It is most suitable for city growers as it doesn't require frequent supervision, it is simple & affordable for small medium household in the modern city.

Q: What vege can I grow with this system?
A: You can grow leafy greens like lettuce, kale, choy sum, pak choy and herbs like basil, parsley, arugula with City Balcony Farm

Q: Can I grow tomato or cucumber?
A: It is possible to grow tomato and cucumber using City Balcony Farm however tomato and cucumber are vine plants which require additional structure to be assembled for the plants to climb.

Q: Can I grow potato or carrot?
A: Complex root vege like potato and carrot are not suitable to grow using this system.

Q: How often do I need to change the content in the tank?
A: It is advisable to change the content of the tank once every harvest.

Q: How often we need to fill up the water?
A: You need to maintain /fill up the water level is over/cover the water pump.

Q: The flow of the water pump is too strong, can I adjust the flow?
A: Yes, you can adjust the flow of water by twisting the control dial on the pump.

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