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1roll 300meter Irrigation LDPE Tubing Pipe RM95 per roll
40PCS 47mm Mesh Hydro Net Pot Hydroponics with 40 Holes Vegetable Farm Tray
Price RM20.00
Product SKU K03---VGTGPOT40
Brand Windmill
Points Needed 20000
Availability 1

Hydro Pot/ Net pots are small plant pots
That are perforated all over to allow plant roots to grow through and into the aquaponic, hydroponic and aeroponic environment.
Size: 47cm x 29.5cm
Thickness: approx 2mm
Plants are grown in a substrate such as clay pebbles, coco peat or peat moss until roots are showing on the outside or when it has been rooted into cubes in the net pot
Package Included: 40holes Vegetable Tray & 40pcs Hydro Pot

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