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AZUD AGL Series Water Filter Filtration Disc or Screen Filters for Agriculture or Farm Irrigation System
Price RM427.50 - RM585.00
Product SKU AGL Series
Brand Azud
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AZUD AGL Series Manual Filters Equipment

AZUD AGL is the manual filter series for exclusive use for irrigation application, manufactured in technical plastic. It is resistant to most of the products normally used in agriculture.

The hydraulic design of the filter minimizes the head loss, saving energy and optimizing its performance.

  1. Modularity.
    Versatility, compatibility and easy maintenance. The system permits a wide range of flow rates and configurations using a minimal number of components.

  2. Maximum quality and safety in filtration.
    Wide range of filtration grades in discs and screens.

  3. The largest filtration area of its kind.

  4. Robustness.
    Base and lid manufactured in high quality thermoplastics.

  5. Easy installation, handling and maintenance. 
    No tools required for maintenance.

  6. Threaded tightening nut. 
    Very resistant to variations of pressure and temperature.

  7. Equipped with pressure gauges intakes.

  8. Three mouth housing with different connection possibilities.
    BSP, NPT or grooved connection. The filter can be installed in any position.

  9. Gasket ser in the lid.
    Avoiding loss or wear during maintenance.

  10. The lid incorporates an auxiliary 3/4 thread.
    It permits the installation of a depressurization valve and emptying of the filter.

  11. Water and energy saving.

  12. 120Mesh, 130 Micron

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