Coming Soon >> Windmill WM206 Micro Irrigation Spray Jet
1roll 300meter Irrigation LDPE Tubing Pipe RM95 per roll
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Low Density Polyethylene Pipe also know as LDPE is the supply pipe that delivers water around an irrigation system from the water source to the sprinkler or as a feeder pipe for delivery to emitters or dripline.


16mm Male Threaded Director LDPE Tubing Pipe WM304 WM325 Connector Fitting


100pieces WM206 Irrigation Micro Spray Jet Sprayer for Durian Musang King Farm (Windmill Brand)


20mm x 3/4" Male Thread Threaded Tee Garden Windmill Irrigation Tubing Pipe Piping Fitting WM322


1000meter Drip Tape Emitter Drip Tape 16mm Lay Flat Tube Green Seo Won Seowon Golden Tree Tape Irrigation 西瓜喉