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QGROW V500 AZUD Automatic Fertigation Pump Irrigation Equipment
Price RM15,999.00
Product SKU
Size (L x W x H) 100 cm x 100 cm x 140 cm
Points Needed 15999000
Availability 1
AZUD QGROW V500 is a manual and compact fertigation
equipment for small and medium installations, which allows to
efficiently and precisely dose fertilizers through Venturi-type
injectors, with a minimum number of moving parts, ensuring a
long-term operation with minimum operational costs.
It incorporates a led screen where real-time temperature, pH and
EC values are showed, which allows the ideal flowrate regulation
for each injection line. It also incorporates a light signal to warn in
case of any deviation in the measurements of these parameters.
Plug&play solution, ready to be automated when needed.

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